GTA V SMOOTH GRAPHICS MODPACK | Light and Loaded Mod For GTA SA Android

Hii folks i'm finnally back after a long break and I'll share my all new GTA V SMOOTH GRAPHICS MODPACK For GTA SA Android, it's a Light and Loaded Modpack with lot's of new stuffs like it's Totally Remastered Modpack so you'll get new Textures of City, Trees, Bsor, Road, Houses etc also all the old vehicles has been Replaced with the next-gen vehicles and i have added my HDR 10+ Graphics in this mod-pack so overall it's a complete modpack. and it will smoothly work with with low end devices as i already told.

*Full ROSA HD Remastered
*ALL Vehicles REPLACED : 
*All Cars Replaced
*All Missions
*New Real Vehicles Sounds
*New Weapons Sounds 
*Dolby® Atmos Lite Audio Pack
*All Bus, Trucks and Dumpers replaced 
*All Helicopters Replaced 
*All Planes Replaced 
*All Ships & Boats Replaced 
*Added Car Modifications
*All Weapons Replaced 
*All Wheels Replaced (New Wheels Pack) 
*90 % Retexture city 
*Beautiful Mapping
*New Cj Player IMG 
(cloths changeble)
*Real Vehicles Colors
*New HQ buildings 
*6+ New Road Textures
*New Sidewalk Textures
*New Grass Texture
*New Hedge Textures 
*New Grove Street 
*Awesome Realtime Reflections 
*New Water Textures 
*BSOR Real Insanity Vegetation 
*R.E Ped animations 
*New Radar
*UNLIMITED Car Nitros 
*GTA V Gangs Skins
*Enhanced Lightning and Night Graphics 
*HD Real ENB timecyc 
*HD Overdose Effects 
*Real Dynamic shadows 
*HQ Headlights & Taillights in All Vehicles
*3D Trees And Textures! 
& many more....

This Modpack required minimum 2GB Ram + 1.28GB Storage, supported to Android 5.0+ Devices, work with All GPU and also supports GTA SA V2.00 & V1.08, No need of GTA SA lite or Original to be already installed.