GTA SA × CYBERPUNK 2077 Modpack - The Most Futuristic Mod For Android

Hello guys i'm finally back and the wait is over because i have come with that MOD you all were excited and eagerly waiting for! the GTA SA × CYBERPUNK 2077 Modpack for Android, it's most futuristic mod ever i created for gta sa android, in this modpack you will find lot's of things that make will make this unique and amazing modpack, i had tried my best to make this mod similar to cyberpunk game, and i almost done that coz in this modpack all the - Cars, Bikes, Planes and other Vehicles, Skins, Weapons & Textures has been totally replaced and all the things are inspired from cyberpunk game, not original but it will give the vibe like you're playing the cyberpunk 2077 game on mobile.

Real-life 2k Skybox that will really change the game because it's not regular skybox that you all are getting in normal modpacks it's premium and VIP skybox mod, the next thing is DirectX 2.0 Wet Roads 2021 this is also all new roads which you're going get, exclusive Johnny Silver Hand as default player.img which is a original model, i'm hopping you'll love this and will show your full support on this modpack. full features list is given below please check it out.

*All 200+ Vehicles Replaced
(Cars, Bikes, Planes, Trucks etc)
*All 300+ Skins Replaced
*All 30+ New Weapons
*2K Real-Life Skybox (4 times)
*Full Cyberpunk 2077 Experience
*Full HD Re-Textured City 
*Enhanced Lights & Night Visuals
*New Cyberpunk Style HUD & Radar
*New Cyberpunk Style Health Bar
*New Cyberpunk Style Elements
*New HQ DirectX 2.0 wet roads
*New Jhonny Silver Hand
 (as default player.img)
*New Real Vehicles Colors
*New Grove Street & Sidewalks
*HQ Real ENB Timecyc
*HD Real Overdose Effects
*3D Trees & Vegetation
*LED Headlights & Taillights 
 (in all other vehicles)
*Real BSOR vegetation 
*Realistic Realtime Reflections
*Real Peds Walking Anim
*Real Dynamic Shadows  
*Unlimited Nitros in all Vehicles
& many more...

- Android Version : 5.0+ 
- RAM : 2GB For All Devices
- STORAGE : 1.5GB+ Space

BIG thanks to my friend Aperture Gamer for helping me in this project, check out his channel he's making awesome GTA Mods.

Deniska <3
Ms Gamerz ID
Gajah Bertelur