GTA SA DirectX 4.0 RTX Graphics Modpack For GTA SA Android

Hello guys so i'm back again! And today i'll going to share brand new 'GTA SA DirectX 4.0 RTX Android Graphics Modpack' this is 2nd modpack of our DirectX series and this time it includes maxsive changes like there is all new 4K skybox 2.0 which has 4 times of different weathers, Also High Quality Fully Re-Textured City, 100+ classic remastered vehicles pack which is going includes - all new Cars, Bikes, and other vehicles.

Also latest GTA V Realistic HD Timecyc with additional SAAExten Graphics, and DirectX 2.0 Wet Roads with Realistic rain effect and like this many more things are there! check detailed list given below.

What's New in DirectX 3.0? 
*Beautiful Re-Texture City
*DirectX 3.0 Roads 2021
*DirectX 2.0 Graphics 
*Wet Sidewalk
*Water Puddles 
*Retexture Wet City 
*4K 4 Times Skybox
*New CJ Player.Img 
(cloths Changeble) 
*Real Car Colors 
*New buildings 
*New Road Reflections 
*New Sidewalk Reflections 
*New HQ Textures 
*Realtime Reflections 
*New Rain Drop Effects
*New Realistic Water 
*Fresh BSOR Vegetation 
*Insanity Mapping 
*GTA V Ped animations 
*New Radar (Google) 
*Enhanced Lightning
*Night Graphics
*HD DirectX 2.0 timecyc 
*HD Overdose Effects 
*Real Dynamic shadows 
*LED Headlights & Taillights 
*3D Trees And Plants 
And Many More!!!

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