GTA SA Android Project Japan Modpack 2022

Hello friends! here i'm going to share new "GTA SA Android: Project Japan Modpack" this is very beautiful mod in which you're going to experience Japan, there is lots of japanese stuffs present in this mod and if you're a anime lover then you will like this alot because there is 20+ female skins, so guys i hope you will like it.

*Added 50+ JDM Vehicle Pack
*Added Japan's Tokyo Tower
*Full Japanese Environment
*Full Map Japan Re-Textured
*4K Japanese Skybox Pack
*20+ Beautiful Female Skins
*New Japanese Props Mapping
*New Japan Roads Re-Texture
*New Japanese Sounds Pack
*New Interactive Phone Mod
*New Cute Female Player.img
*New High Quality Graphics
*New Japanese Trees, Plants 
*New Enhnace Night Lighting
*New Realistic Reflections
& Many more...

Ujang Ajun
Akagami OP
Sergio Van Dyk 
Mas Okuma
Misaki Miyata
Maknyak gamers
Rizky Aldiansyah
Yuhaa mods