GTA SA DirectX 6.0 GTX Android Modpack

Hello friends! So today i'm going to share brand new 'GTA SA DirectX 6.0 GTX Android Modpack' this is 4th update of this series and this time it has some cool features! so the first thing is it's now supports GTA SA V2.00, which is a good thing this time it's going to work with almost every device.

If i tell about some more features, All vehicles has been remastered, Full City Roads has been re-textured very beautifully just like DirectX 3.0 and also Skybox from Definitive Edition, full features list given below.

• What's New in DirectX 6.0?
*New Remastered Vehicles
(Cars, Bikes, Planes, Trucks, etc)
*Full Beautiful Re-Texture City
*DirectX Roads & Sidewalk 2023
*Defintive Edition Graphics
*Water Puddles, Raindrop Efx
*Realistic CJ Player.img
*Realistic Ped Animations
*Realistic Colorcycle, Carcols
*New Wet Road Reflections 
*New Sidewalk Reflections 
*New Textures Reflections
*New Realistic Water 
*New Full Mapping Insanity
*New Grove Street Insanity
*Fresh BSOR Vegetation 
*Enhanced Night Lightning
*Night Graphics 2DFX
*Realtime Reflections 
*Real Dynamic shadows 
*HD Colourful timecyc 
*HD Overdose Effects 
*HD Headlights & Taillights 
*3D Trees, Plants & Grass
And Many More!!!

*Support All GPU & Android Versions
*Support GTA SA V1.08 / V2.00 AML
*Support Cleo, Semi Crash & No Lag

Ujang Ajun
Bisma Chandra
Rizky Aldiansyah
M Akmarullah
Chicken Chraft