GTA V Android Mopack In GTA San Andreas!

Hello guys! so after a long time back with brand new mod, today i'm going to share GTA 5 For Android! yes i'm not kidding in this mod you gonnna experience GTA V in your mobile. actually this a modpack for GTA SA Android that will make your like GTA V i've tried to add lots of things like Vehicles, Skins, Graphics, Road/Building textures and some mapping but as you know gta san andreas has some limitations so it was not possible to add many things still i did my best! I hope you'll will like it.

• GTA V Retexture
• GTA V Police Department
• GTA V Station
• GTA V Character Switch
• GTA V Road & Sidewalk
• GTA V Franklin's House
• GTA V Michael's House
• GTA V Interactive Phone 
• GTA V Weapon Scrolling
• GTA V Chop 
• GTA V Skybox
• GTA V Bsor 
• GTA V Houses
• GTA V Cars Pack 
• GTA V Motor May
• GTA V Player & Character 
• GTA V Graphics HD