GTA SA Defintive Edition Modpack V2 For Android 2023

Hey folks! today i'm going to review GTA San Andreas Definition Edition V2 Modpack Android, as you may now we are eagerly waiting for release of GTA Trilogy for mobiles but looks like it can be delay more, So i Modified Old GTA SA Android, with help of mods and now i think you don't need to wait for Official Definitive Edition for mobile, In this version you're going to get lot's of features like Definitive Edition Pc!

In this version you'll get almost 90% similar experience of definitive edition from PC, I'm hoping you're going like this one as i tried to focus on everything in very detailed, and i tried to give my best.

*New DE Original Re-Textured
*New DE CJ Player IMG & Peds
*New DE Weapons, Pickups glow
*New Definitive Edition Timecyc
*New DE Skybox (5 Weathers)
*New DE Weapon Wheel (switch)
*New DE Radio Wheel (horn)
*New DE Wasted/Busted Efx
*New DE Draw Distance 10X
*New DE Rain Drop Effects
*New DE Water & Puddles
*New DE Radar & GPS Plugin
*New ChatGPT AI Physics 
*2DFX Improved Lamppost
*Dolby Digital HD Sound Pack
*Dynamic Object Shadows
*High Quality Trees & Plants
*Enhanced Lighting System
*Enhanced Night Graphics
*Realtime HD Reflections
*Fully Unlocked Modpack
& many more features!!!

*Support All GPU & Android Versions
*Support GTA SA V2.10/ V2.00/ AML
*Support Cleo, Anti Crash & No Lag

M Akmarullah
Rizky Aldianyah
Chicken Craft
HAF (scripts)
RusJJ (aml)