GTA V 4K GRAPHICS MOD [50MB] With RealLife Skybox For GTA SA Android

Hello guys, Today I'm going to give you brand new GTA V 4K Graphis Mod For GTA SA Android in just 50MB, this graphics mod will enhance your GTA SA also it comes with RealLife 4K Skybox & has 5 different types of textures. Skybox Gives More Realistic Look in the Game and it's also have some additional Features, Real Reflections, HD Headlights and Taillights, High Quality ENB Timecyc this time it (Work without SAAEXTEN) I hope you will like it.

New RealLife Weathers
Additional Mountains
Skybox Version 5.0
True 4K Textures
High Quality Renders
Real Dark Shadows 
Night Reflectors
Realistic Environment 
New Carcols & Colorcycle
HD Headlights & Taillights
Flying Stuffs & clouds
Road Reflections
Bright & Real Colors 
High Quality Insanity
BSOR Trees Colors 
Water Splashes
Raindrop Effects 
Smooth Handing
& many more...

*Support All GPU & Android Versions! 
*Support GTA SA V2.00/ V1.08 /AML
*Support GTA SA lite & Original Too!

Rizky Aldianyah
Kanade (textures)
HAF (scripts)