GTA 6 Concept Android Graphics Modpack GTA SA Android

Hello de guys in this video i'm going to review gta 6 concept modpack this is based on gta sa android, in this mod you will see many things like Jason & Lucia you can switch between these characters also toamazing re-textured city & awesome graphics & many more things!

• What's New?
*New Remastered Vehicles
(Cars, Bikes, Planes, Trucks, etc)
*Full Beautiful Re-Texture City
*New Roads & Sidewalk 2023
*New Jason & Lucia Skins
*New Character Switch
*Defintive Edition Graphics
*Water Puddles, Raindrop Efx
*Realistic Kasumi Player.img
*Realistic Ped Animations
*Realistic Colorcycle, Carcols
*New Realistic Water 
*New Full Mapping Insanity
*New Grove Street Insanity
*Fresh BSOR Vegetation 
*Enhanced Night Lightning
*Night Graphics 2DFX
*Realtime Reflections 
*Real Dynamic shadows 
*HD Colourful timecyc 
*HD Overdose Effects 
*HD Headlights & Taillights 
*3D Trees, Plants & Grass
And Many More!!!

*Support Android 12,13 & All GPU
*Support GTA SA V1.08/ V2.00/ AML
*Support Cleo, Anti Crash & No Lag

Rizky Aldiansayh
Sergio Van Dyk
RusJJ (aml)