Hello guys! Today i'm going to share GTA V Legacy Reborn 3.0 Modpack It's Based on GTA SA Android, as you'll know this is modding guruji's best modpack so i have ported it for latest AML apk and it supports maximum android devices, i also made some minor changes in this mod to make more realistic like new Skybox pack which works without saaexten and also it's optimised well for 60fps & many more.

• What's New?
*All Vehicles Has Been Replaced
(Cars, Bikes, Planes, Trucks, etc)
*Added Vehicles Modifications  
(You can add bodykits to cars)
*Added Premium Vehicles Pack
*Added GTA V Skins & Peds
*All Wheels Has Been Replaced
*All Weapons Has Been Replaced
*Full Has Been HQ Re-Textured
*New GTA V Realistic Graphics
*New Skybox Pack (5-weather)
*New Draw Distance Max
*New Rain Splash & Drop Efx
*New 6 Different HD Roads
*Real Sounds & Audio Pack
*New Franklin Player.img
*Highly Saturated Timecyc
*High Quality Trees & Plants
*Enhanced Lighting System
*Realistic Night Graphics
*Real Dynamic Shadows
*Realtime HQ Reflections
and many more...

*Support All GPU & Android Versions
*Support GTA SA V2.10/ V2.00/ AML
*Support Cleo, Anti Crash & No Lag

*Modpack By Modding Guruji aka
@G5 Gamers checkout him for 
awesome GTA V mods!
Re-modified, fix & optimized by AJ :)