GTA 5 MOBILE EDITIONšŸ”„Full Remastered Modpack In GTA SA Android

Hello guys! so after a long time back with brand new mod, today i'm going to share GTA 5 For Android! yes i'm not kidding in this mod you gonna experience GTA V in your mobile. actually this a modpack for GTA SA Android that will make your like GTA V i've tried to add lots of things like Vehicles, Skins, Graphics, Roads, Houses, and places but as you know gta san andreas has some limitations so it was not possible to add many things but still i did my best! I hope you'll like it.

*All Vehicles Has Been Replaced
(Cars, Bikes, Planes, Trucks, etc) 
*GTA V Full Re-Textured City 
*GTA V Like Grove Street 
*GTA V Houses & Stations
*GTA V Weapons, Pickups 
*GTA V Realistic Timecyc 
*GTA V Interactive Phone 
*GTA V Skybox (5 weather) 
*GTA V Weapon Wheel 
*GTA V Wasted/Busted efx 
*GTA V Radar GPS Mod 
*GTA V Re-Textured Skins 
*Franklin & Micheal Houses 
*New Franklin Player IMG 
*New Real Draw Distance 
*New Rain, Water Effects
*New ChatGPT AI Physics 
*2DFX Improved Lamppost 
*Dynamic Object Shadows 
*High Quality Trees & Bsor
*Enhanced Lighting System 
*Enhanced Night Graphics 
*Realistic ENB Reflections 
& many more to explore!!!


*Support Android Version 7.0 to 13
*Support GTA SA V2.10 & 2.00/AML
*Support Cleo, No Crash, No Bugs

@Ujang Ajun, @Rizky Aldiansyah, M Akmarullah, RusJJ (aml), Fastman92, HAF, Chicken Craft, Arturo Casasnovas, Automan  &  others :)